About Us

One-decade journey…
“The most Trusted name in Diagnostic”

Manav Seva Diagnostic Centre was established in 2006 by Dr Avinash Pawar (Consultant Radiologist) and Dr. Priya Pawar (Consultant Pathologist). It aims at providing 24x7 high quality diagnostic services in Palghar, Boisar and adjoining areas. The center also aims at extending its services up to Virar, Vasai, Vikramgarh, Manor, Wada and Mokhada.

Manav Seva, a well-known diagnostic centre in Palghar and Boisar is reputed for its highly advanced and accurate diagnostic services in pathology and radiology. Through years of dedicated service Manav Seva has gained the trust of both doctors and patients. We provide multiple diagnostic services, 24x7 at our state of the art diagnostic facility spread over 2000 sq ft area. The list of services includes :

  • Digital X-Ray
  • MRI
  • Multislice CT Scan
  • Sonography
  • Color Doppler
  • Pathology
  • Digital ECG
  • Digital EEG

Our capabilities

  • Only MRI and CT scan center within a radius of 100 km
  • Only center in 100km radius area that provides Neuro diagnostic facilities with EEG.
  • CT Scan and MRI together for better diagnosis and evaluation of neurological ailments.
  • 24x7 diagnostic services under one roof to aid treatment at a fast pace.
  • Highly qualified and experienced medical professionals Staff.
  • Advanced modern equipment using latest technology in medicine.
  • Qualified and dedicated staff to cater to every need of the patient.

Our achievements

  • 24x7 diagnostic services to any form of medical, trauma or surgical emergencies.
  • Complete and quick diagnosis services for stroke patients, road accident victims and other emergency situations increasing chances of survival through accurate treatment.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation to emergency victims improving the quality of treatment.
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurological ailments improving their treatment and aiding doctors in accurate prognosis.